New EU Watch List for infringing websites and market places

Last week the European Commission published their “Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List” which aims to protect intellectual property rights of European companies. The Commission’s Watch List takes the same approach as the Danish model in order to raise awareness of illegal distribution and to stop revenues flowing to digital criminals.

The European Commission has joined forces with European trading partners to ensure that intellectual property rights of European companies are protected both in and outside of Europe. This is done as part of a larger strategy to update an IP enforcement system responding to today’s societal challenges.

The Commission’s Watch List pays particular attention to online platforms and encourages both private organizations, enforcement authorities and governments to cooperate in the fight of intellectual property infringements.

RettighedsAlliancen has contributed to the development of the EU Watch List and also operates its own ‘infringing websites list’ in Denmark. The results gained from operating the Danish Infringing website list shows that this remedy is an effective way of stopping criminal activities online.