RettighedsAlliancen is an interest organisation representing more than 100.000 creatives across the audiovisual, music, publishing, computergames, photos and design industries. RettighedsAlliancen’s core mission is promoting a safe and sustainable online environment for both users and the creative businesses by making it easier to choose legal options by making it difficult to provide and consume infringing content online.

Our work is based on a strategy, where we

  • Use and improve enforcement tools to address online crime
  • Promote collaborations among internet stakeholders to effectively address online crime (e.g. by means of a “Follow the Money” strategy)
  • Promote user responsibility and supply users with remedies to avoid illegal content and online criminals


RettighedsAlliancen fundamentally believes that it should be possible to insist on responsible user behaviour. RettighedsAlliancen is working to motivate users to act  responsibly via the online platforms they use, e.g. YouTube and Facebook. Through behavioural designs and awareness campaigns, RettighedsAlliancen aims to change user behaviour and the norms that govern such behaviour.

The Share With Care campaignwhich has been developed in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Culture and telecom companies, joins awareness and behavioural design. Share With Care guide users away from blocked illegal websites by providing message on illegal sites with the information that the site illegal and has been blocked.

Share With Care 2 provides a search engine, FilmFinder, which enables users to search for specific content and then to be directed to online services providing the given content. With Share With Care 2 users will be directed away from illegal sites and towards legal services in a friction less way. See this video where the minister of culture, Mette Bock, director of RettighedsAlliancen, Maria Fredenslund, and CEO of Blockbuster Casper Hald describe the new Share With Care-initiatives and the search engine FilmFinder.

The Os Der Elsker Film (We Film Lovers) campaign ran from 2016 to 2017 and succeeded in uniting the whole film industry as well as a number of other key organisations and authorities in a joint campaign and a joint message platform. The objective of Os Der Elsker Film was to create a massive focus on the consequences of illegal streaming. The campaign film was seen approximately 10 million times in Danish cinemas and 1.3 million times online, and 81% of those who saw it responded that they thought it was good or very good.

RettighedsAlliancen has together with the publishing industry further developed on the successes from Os Der Elsker Film with the three-year campaign Os Der Elsker Viden (We Knowledge Lovers), which focuses on the illegal sale and sharing of digital textbooks. In close cooperation with educational establishments throughout Denmark as well as bookstores, lecturers and librarians etc., Os Der Elsker Viden enters into a dialogue with students to inform them about the rules governing the sharing of textbooks. The industry, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish Ministry of Culture are all behind the campaign.

RettighedsAlliancen is also behind an EU-funded teaching concept, NudgeIP, aimed at raising awareness of copyright and changing behaviour among 12 to 16-year-old children and adolescents. See more in this video.


Together with the ISPs Association, Teleindustrien, RettighedsAlliancen has developed a site blocking programme. RettighedsAlliancen carries out 4-5 annual blocking waves, where infringing sites are taken to court with the purpose of obtaining an injunction blocking the sites. Moreover RettighedsAlliancen carries out precedent cases, where new technical means, new types of injunctions etc. are tested.

Examples of precedent cases are the historic blocking of a stream ripping service and the blocking of the decentralized Popcorn Time service and the historic sentencing of a Danish operator of a website promoting Popcorn Time the illegal market for consuming content online is still much too large and it is rapidly evolving. This calls for continued targeted initiatives to deal with the growing problem.

In RettighedsAlliancen’s experience, interventions against illegal user behaviour, combined with information guiding users to legal services, play a crucial role for user behaviour on the Internet. In addition, providing awareness regarding what is legal and illegal increases the sense among users of fairness in the way in which rules are enforced. It also heightens the users’ sense of responsibility for their own conduct if they are made aware that they are visiting an illegal page.

Website blocking of Internet users’ access to illegal services is therefore the most effective tool for diminishing the usage of illegal services. In Denmark, we have the most effective blocking system in the world, and we attribute this to the behavioural design that we in RettighedsAlliancen have developed in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Culture and the telecom industry. The purpose of the Share With Care platform mentioned above is to motivate and guide users away from the illegal services and to the legal services. The combination of site blocking and behavioural design ensure that users are positively accepting to be directed to legal services. The effect of our blocking system is unmistakable. On average, a blocking order results in a 75% decrease in the number of visitors from Danish IP addresses.

In addition to website blockings and in collaboration with a wide range of online stakeholders, RettighedsAlliancen has developed the Disruption Machine, which has already become an important tool in the fight against illegal services. The machine consists of a list of illegal websites, which is shared with a network of participating stakeholders who then ensure that the illegal websites don’t receive e.g. advertisements, traffic or other sources generating cash flow. The idea is to hit the criminals behind these services where it hurts – on their revenues.


RettighedsAlliancen’s Annual Report 2017

RettighedsAlliancen’s Design members share their thoughts on the importance of collaborating to fight the illegal market.


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